Build Workplace Morale with a Corporate Trip to an Escape Room, Long Island



It is well settled knowledge that the value and importance people feel in their careers and particular place of work has a direct impact on the level of productivity, creativity and positive atmosphere. For that reason, many companies have begun having company retreats, meetings or social gatherings to help reinforce company values.  If you are a business owner or Human Resources representative and are contemplating putting together a team building and value building exercise for your company, consider holding the event at a Long Island escape room. An escape room can help build core corporate values, Huntington Real Estate Agency, such as teamwork, trust, responsibility and more, that will create a more positive work environment, happier employees and therefore more productivity.


The concept of an escape room on Long Island is simple.  You and your employees will get locked in a room and have to solve the clues to escape in the allotted amount of time.  Although you may (or may not) be in an industry that thrives off of or promotes teamwork, this method of team building will pose different challenges and cause employees to think in different ways than they would in their daily routine. This will not only bond employees together, but enhance the core values of your company’s mission statement.


Teamwork.  A necessary component of successfully completing an escape room (similarly to successfully running a business) is teamwork, namely communication. The phrase “it takes a village” is surprisingly fitting for an escape room.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and it takes the talents of many people to complete an escape room. It also takes extensive and calm communication as each individual helps to get your employees out of the room. This fun lesson in communication and bonding will have lasting effects, carrying over into the workplace.


Trust.  A successful business has many moving parts, too many for one person to completely manage or micro-manage.  Because of that, it is important to trust the people in charge of different facets of our businesses. But it is hard on a daily basis, with everything else going on in a business, to establish trust.  An escape room is the perfect opportunity to do that. Your freedom from the room is in the hands of employees and co-workers, some of which you may have never even spoken too. Once you escape the room, you will undoubtedly have more trust in the people that work with you or for you.


Responsibility. Running a business, and working for one, is a huge responsibility.  Doing a job well takes responsibility and dedication, or keeping the job so you can pay your bills adds to that responsibility. However, helping your employees and co-workers break free from the escape room is also a lot of responsibly, even if it is just pride on the line and not financial well being.  Your team will feel responsible for freeing themselves and the rest of the co-workers, creating a more ambitious group of like minded people eager to escape the room. That dedication and responsibility to one another will remind the employees of the desire to do the same in business such a Krav Maga Experts in NYC.


Planning a corporate trip to a Long Island escape room is both fun and productive. Treat your employees to a day at the escape room, the morale and values learned through this bonding experience will undoubtedly spill over into the workplace.