Keeping a garden takes time. You have to water your lawn, remove weeds, fertilize the soil and make sure it stays safe for your kids and pets. All these periodic tasks however, can be omitted if you choose to install artificial grass.


Here’s a host of reasons on why you should consider switching to a great long island contracting company  can help keep you safe.


Zero Maintenance


Long Island Synthetic Turfs  are all weather durable products. You’ll never mow or fertilize so that the grass stays green, neither will you water the surface. They also have a drainage capacity. The sight of having multiple puddles at your garden shouldn’t spook you out any longer. Let it rain at will!


You’re a player!


If you’re into sports, look no further! Artificial turfs usually boast a capacity of about 300 hours play per season. In addition, it drastically reduces the damage to the grass, even when the field is being used intensively. Despite its frequent use, the Home Inspection long Island refuses to budge in terms of quality.


Eco friendly


Many variants of artificial turfs are 100% recyclable. This is because they are manufactured from a polyurethane base. Moreover, they even come with an ecological and social certification that guarantees their environment friendliness. On the brighter side again, you get to do away with chemicals, fertilizers, fungicides and save the subsoil from your wrath.


Health Hazards are a thing of the past.


Gone are the days when you had to restrict your kid from playing out in the garden for a fear of  allergy. Long Island Synthetic Turf services have taken extra care in making sure that all their products are completely anti allergic and safe, for both your kids and your pets.


Zero Effort


Buy, install, and you’re done. The greatest advantage is that you end up saving tonnes of money and effort. You never spent any time planting and growing your garden 4-5 times to have that aesthetic look at your backyard throughout the year.

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